LN-8114 Seated Leg Press gym equipment

This is gym equipment is very professional for legs muscle group, both for exercise and recovery. Very popular for male.

Seated Leg Press

  • Upright exercise position is especially applicable to novice or deconditioned users
  • Adjustable seat carriage accommodate a variety of user size and desired range of motion
  • Force is transmitted through hips, eliminating spinal compression

1. Main tube: Big D style tube, thickness: 3mm
2. Gas-spring seat
3. Super strong cable: Dia.: 6mm
4. High-quality pulley: 90mm
5. Available Color: Red/Orange/ Light Brown/Black
6. Painting: Silver Gray
6. Molding cushion adopted
7. Motion path adheres to the kinematic principle
8. Safety devices for weight stack and cable
9. Ferromagnetic plug for weight stack adjusting

Warranty terms:
1) Ten years - Frames, welded moving parts and weight stacks.
2) Four years - For any moving part or parts under normal use.
3) One years - Upholstery, pads, grips, and tethered weight stack pins

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