LN-8130 Gym Use Fitness Equipment Flat Bench

The flat bench is very useful gym equipment for gym center,gym club, and you can also purchased for person use. can be used for a variety of exercises while lying down, seated or standing. While lying prone, use it for a chest press, triceps extensions, chest flies or pullovers for the back. Sitting on the bench allows you to support your lower-body weight while performing shoulder exercises like the military press or lateral raises, bicep curls and overhead triceps presses. Stand next to the bench and place your right knee and hand on it and a weight in your left hand to execute rows for the back. Switch sides after a set to balance both sides. You can also sit or lie on the bench to perform various abdominal exercises.

1. Main tube: Flat elliptical tube, 100*50mm,  thickness: 3mm
2. Available Color: Red/Orange/ Light Brown/Black
3. Painting: Silver Gray

Size: 1200*600*450mm
G. W: 42kgs/93lbs
N. W: 40kgs/88lbs

Warranty terms:
1) Ten years - Frames, welded moving parts and weight stacks.
2) Four years - For any moving part or parts under normal use.
3) One years - Upholstery, pads, grips, and tethered weight stack pins.

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