LN-8958 Lower Back

Specific product for working out the muscles of the middle and lower back. The exercise is performed from a sitting position, with the shoulders positioned on the roller pad, and involves a backward extension of the trunk. Resistance is provided by a weight stack which enables the workload to be adjusted to suit each type of user.
Selection Line Lower Back is built to focus on the lower back muscles without the involvement of the hip extensors
Range Of Motion adjustment provides an easy setting for the starting position
Back rest provides pelvic stabilization and isolation of the lower back muscles
Foot rest gives support to users of different body sizes without encouraging the use of the hip flexors

1. Main tube: 120*60*3mm
2. Super strong cable: Dia.: 6mm
3. High-quality pulley: 90mm
4. Molding cushion adopted
5. Safety devices for weight stack and cable
6. Ferromagnetic plug for weight stack adjusting

Technical Specifications
Height (mm) 1100
Width (mm) 1230
Length (mm) 1500
Weight Stack (kg) 65
Frame Colours silver, black,
Upholstery Colours red, , black, yellow,brilliant blue, aviation blue
Front Weight Cover Colours Black
Muscles Quadratus lumborum,Sacrospinal

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