LN-8918 Abductor

Specific product for working out the glutes. The exercise is performed from a sitting position by opening and closing the legs. Resistance is placed on the outside of the legs and is provided by a weight stack. The weight can be varied to suit the type of user.
Specific training of the abductors
Prevention and treatment of joint and muscle problems in the hips and pelvis
Improvement in muscle tone and efficiency of the legs

1. Main tube: 120*60*3mm
2. Super strong cable: Dia.: 6mm
3. High-quality pulley: 90mm
4. Molding cushion adopted
5. Safety devices for weight stack and cable
6. Ferromagnetic plug for weight stack adjusting

Technical Specifications
Height (mm) 1400
Width (mm) 850
Length (mm) 1500
Weight Stack (kg) 65
Frame Colours silver, black,
Upholstery Colours red, , black, yellow,brilliant blue, aviation blue
Front Weight Cover Colours Black
Muscles Tensor of fascia lata,Gluteus

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