LN-8915 Crunch Bench

Do Crunch exercises in LinoSports Crunch bench is exceptional experience you ever had. It will properly fixed your lower part and give you a well-positioned cushion support. This exercise equipment accommodates users of all height and weight. It makes your abdominal exercise full of fun.
Multi-functional bench for specific training of the abdominal muscles by means of bodyweight exercises. The user adopts a reclining position on the support pad, with the legs raised onto the roller pads. The inclination of the seat and the height of the roller pads can be adjusted to enable every type of user to raise the chest towards the knees

Training of the abdominal muscles
Prevention and treatment of joint problems in the vertebral column
Improvement of posture

Technical Specifications
Height (mm) 1550
Width (mm) 675
Length (mm) 1200
N.W (kg) 42.3
G.W (kg)  43.6

1. Mail tube: Oval tube
2. Mail tube size: 120*60*3mm

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